It can be overwhelming in the early days, but there is lots of support out there to help families of children with a vision impairment, including those with complex needs - you are not alone.

Getting the help you need

  • The person who can help most locally, is a QTVI, based in your VI service. They will support you and your child from birth onwards. The eye clinic should have automatically referred your child to a QTVI, but if you haven’t heard from one, search RNIB Sightline to find your local VI Service, or contact our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.  
  • Parent support groups are a great way to meet other parents for practical and emotional support - ask your VI service for local contacts, or use RNIB Sightline or our Helpline on 0303 123 9999.
  • RNIB offers lots of services to blind and partially sighted children and their families, including information and advice, activities for children and young people, and parent support groups.
  • Contact a Family supports families with disabled children across the UK. 
  • RNIB’s Emotional Support Service offers confidential support, information and counselling.

Understanding your child’s vision impairment

Our Information for Parents guide has information about how the eye works and details of vision and eye conditions that cause vision impairment. It also contains a large amount of guidance about supporting your child’s growth and development.

People you may meet

If there are a lot of people involved in the care of your child, our Who does what in eye care? guide for parents explains what the different professionals do and how they can help. 

Local Groups

Download a list of local groups below: