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Information, real life stories and advice for blind and partially sighted parents.

Parenting with a vision impairment

Our new guide has been written by a group of blind and partially sighted parents who are sharing their tips and advice about having a baby. We are working on further guides to support parents of toddlers, school-age and older children. If you would like to be involved, please contact us at [email protected].

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Read a recent article in the BBC’s Tiny Happy People written by Robin, one of the contributors to the guide.

Support for parents with sight loss

There are a number of organisations and groups which offer support to blind or partially sighted parents.

Blind Parents UK (Previously Blind Mums Connect)

A group for blind parents and carers to share information and support one another. For membership or associate membership forms, visit their website. For more information you can download the Blind Mums Connect services leaflet.

Contact information

VI Parents and Carers Together

The VI Parents and Carers Together group on Facebook is a closed group for parents and/or carers who are either blind or partially sighted. Use this safe online space to discuss tips and tricks of parenting and caring for kids big and small, share life experiences and most of all talk about what it is like to be a parent or carer with sight loss.

RNIB VI parents group

Our Talk and Support telephone VI parents group is for parents who are blind or have a vision impairment. Many of the parents who take part have children of school age or under.

This is a self-help group giving parents the opportunity to discuss all aspects of being a parent, as well peer support around the practical elements, the joys and challenges of parenting. Whether you are married, in a couple or a single parent.

It is open to both mothers and fathers; everyone is welcome.

Groups run during term time only, on a Monday at 1.30pm, please contact RNIB Talk and Support on 0303 123 9999.

RNIB Connect Facebook groups

Our Facebook groups offer the opportunity to share stories and experiences with people in your local area.