Managing your money guide

Managing your money means different things to different people: budgeting the weekly income to cover outgoings, getting the best deals on purchases or maximising the interest on savings

RNIB's "Managing your money" booklet (and supporting factsheets) give straightforward advice and details on where to go for expert advice.

What’s in the guide?

Our  Managing your money guide covers:

  • The Money Advice Service, a free and independent service set up by the Government to help you find out more about money and how to manage it.
  • Your rights, what the Equality Act means for you and where to get advice about general consumer issues
  • Saving money on utilities and other services, what deals are available and which payment options save you money.
  • Ways to keep up-to-date on the latest financial news.
  • Gadgets that can help.

Get your copy of “Managing your money”

You can download your copy of our “Managing your money” booklet and supporting factsheet. Alternatively, contact RNIB's helpline on 0303 123 9999 to request a copy of RNIB's "Managing your money" booklet in print, braille or audio.