Audio books are primarily recorded by actors and other professional readers, although some are recorded by the author.

If you're listening to an eBook, the voice will be synthetic.

Audio book sample clips

Experience our audio book service - Talking Books by listening to the following five samples from our wide range of titles:

eBook sample clips

Listen to our example clips of the synthetic voices used for text-to-speech in eBooks.

Downloadable audio books, newspapers and magazines clips

Sample audio clips of downloadable audio books, newspapers and magazines are available from:

Other places to try audio

Your local library is a good place to try out audio books and magazines. Many libraries have audio books on CD that you can borrow. Some libraries are also beginning to try other audio formats, such as MP3. 

Online retailers of download audio books may also enable you to try a section of an audio book before you buy or borrow it. This is a good way to get an idea of what the audio book will sound like. 

If you have access to an eBook reader or a mobile phone or tablet computer with an eBook app you could try using the text-to-speech option. This will read a book, newspaper or magazine in synthetic speech.

Many department stores, electrical shops and supermarkets sell eBook readers, so why not try an eBook by visiting a store and ask to be shown text-to-speech on the devices they sell?