Professionals in training

A range of opportunities for professionals to meet, learn about and discuss the support of children and young people with vision impairment (VI).

RNIB and VIEW offer a range of opportunities for professionals to meet, learn about and discuss the support of learners with VI. This would ordinarily include a combination of online, face to face and Microsoft Teams courses and events. 

Curriculum Framework for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment 

The live launch of the CFVI took place on Wednesday 15 March, hosted by BBC Broadcaster Peter White and featuring experts from education, health and habilitation across the UK. For more information, and to watch a recording of the launch, visit


Online training from RNIB

Our training programme for the 2021/2022 academic year is now live. This programme combines the training and networking opportunities that have previously been available through the Braille Network, the VITAL network (complex needs) and other partner organisations. RNIB online events are being delivered free of charge.

Upcoming courses

  • Supporting Learners with CVI  11 and 18 May 2022

  • An introduction to Stargardt’s Disease and Usher Syndrome (rescheduled event)  19 May 2022

  • Supporting children with VI and complex needs: Resonance boards – 13 June 2022

  • Practical preparations: managing a new caseload – 6 July 2022

To see details of our topics and sessions please visit the courses and training events calendar 2021/22.

Visit the events calendar

If you would like to book a course please fill in our webform.

New for 2022: Prepare for Success 

Education professionals can now enrol for a new online training resource from RNIB and VIEW to develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of modification and production used by awarding bodies for GCSE and GCE examination materials. 

Through studying genuine modifications, referring to best practice guidance, and completing practical exercises, the resource builds confidence for preparing in-house assessments that replicate the format of those used in formal testing.

Prepare for Success is an essential resource for anyone looking to improve outcomes for their students with VI. 

You can sign up for this self-paced online course by emailing [email protected] to register. Please also direct any questions about the course to this email address.

The course costs £50 for VIEW members or £70 for non-members.

We expect participants to already be proficient in producing everyday large print materials. 

Applications via email will be processed at the end of every month, after which you will be provided with your own personal log in. Access to the course will remain open for you for 12 months and upon successful completion you will be awarded a CPD certificate.

Anytime training

The training in this section is delivered subject to payment of a fee. Further information about cost is available from each course contact.

Understanding vision impairment in children and young people – online training

The course is designed to support the training needs of professionals and parents in order to improve the quality of learning opportunities available to children and young people with vision impairment. It is studied online over around 50 hours with the pace of learning being set by the student. There is no fixed start or finish date, so you can begin anytime. It is intended for people who wish to gain an overview of the issues involved in supporting the education of children with vision impairment, without studying in the depth required by Partners in Learning. You don’t need to have access to a child with vision impairment to complete the course – we can supply you with relevant video materials to support you.

For more information and to apply, visit the VIEW website.

Vision impairment and complex needs in children and young people – online training

This short course focuses specifically on children and young people who, as well as vision impairment, also have learning difficulties and other special needs or disabilities. The course has been written by experts in the field and created by an experienced instructional designer. It is studied online over around 50 hours with the pace of learning being set by the student. You can apply at anytime to begin and there is a flexible start date. Students are assigned a tutor who provides “light touch” support. The course is designed for students from any background – education, care or health. It is suitable for professionals and parents, in fact, anyone who is interested in facilitating development in children and young people who have vision impairment and complex needs.

For more information and to apply, visit the VIEW website.

Effective teaching of literacy through braille online training

The course is written and tutored by QTVIs who are specialists in braille literacy and will increase knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching braille to children. It has been been developed by RNIB through National Sensory Impairment Partnership contract funding with the Department of Education.

This course is for QTVIs. You can find out more and register your interest to join the next course by contacting VIEW.

Apply online through the VIEW website.

Partners in Learning – Advanced Certificate for education support staff

Partners in Learning is an in depth training course for teaching assistants and other education professionals working with learners with vision impairment from 0-25. The course was developed between RNIB and the Open University, and is delivered online by VIEW, with two face to face training days held at regional locations (or via webinar due to Covid-19).

Contact VIEW to discuss start dates and course.

Learning braille

RNIB has a range of training opportunities and resources to support learning braille. 

To register your interest, please email [email protected].