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TV and audio

Information on how to get the best out of TV, audio and gaming technology with a focus on accessibility for blind and partially sighted users.

In this section

Online radio

What is online radio, and how listening to radio via the internet can help blind and partially sighted people access entertainment, news and more.

Spotify accessibility and features

A basic RNIB guide to Spotify and how it is used by blind and partially sighted people.

Accessible Televisions

Most mainstream televisions available today have accessibility features built into them which help to make TV for visually impaired users accessible

Audio Description (AD)

If you are finding it difficult to watch your favourite television programmes or films, you can enable audio description (AD).

Radio accessibility

If you're an ardent listener of radio shows, you may want to learn more about the options in the market right now.

Audio description apps

Smartphone apps such as MovieReading, Earcatch, Greta and Starks, Audible Magic and Actiview synchronise audio description with original filmed soundtrack.

Accessible media, audio description and video game queries

If you would like further information or advice on accessible media, audio descriptions or video games, please contact us using this form.

Design for every gamer

Design for every gamer is our initiative to create a better gaming world for people with sight loss and a rallying cry to the industry to start making real change.