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Tuesday, 3 October 2017
Band-It tactile bands

Band-It tactile bands being used on tinsEach month, NB Online will bring you a new product our customers tell us they can't get enough of from RNIB's online shop.

RNIB sells over 1000 practical products to help people maintain their independence and keep them doing the things they love most.

Band-It tactile bands

Band-It bands are a low tech, reusable, flexible and tactile colour labelling system, best suited for identifying household things such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, tins, medication, cleaning items and more. 


  • 10 reusable tactile bands, used to help identify objects around the home
  • Bright colours: yellow, green, red, blue and orange
  • Five different designs
  • Indented mark on each band for easier orientation
  • Easily washable - dishwasher or hot soapy water

Carol said: “Absolutely wonderful! I’m registered blind and if I’d had things like these 9 years ago things would have been a lot easier. The different shaped ones are brilliant, the colours are so helpful and I can see them all. You could use these on anything!”

To find out more or to buy the Band-It tactile bands, shop online.

  • Product code: DL120
  • Price: £12.95 (ex VAT)

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