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Blind and partially sighted children enjoy a day out getting close-up to the animals at London Zoo

Nearly 60 people from 15 families joined RNIB at London Zoo for a fun packed and accessible day out last week.

A group of people with a little girl looking at a zoo animal

Portable audio guides helped ensure an accessible tour of the zoo, where children were able to meet Genghis the camel and a family of very friendly goats. They also interacted with a touch table, (a touch screen combined with a table that connects users to information and entertainment), and got involved with tactile arts activities.

RNIB’s CYPF (Children, Young People and Families) team used the zoo’s community centre for the event ensuring families had space to meet and relax. It was a great opportunity for parents to spend quality time with each other and to ask any questions.

RNIB has worked with London Zoo before, helping it provide an accessible experience with an audio-described tour and a joint focus group with Leonard Cheshire in 2019.

A couple of parents explain how their kids were able to interact and enjoy the family day:

“It was an awesome day. Rivalee doesn't usually enjoy the zoo, as she’s unable to see past fencing and barriers. But this tour was fantastic, she really enjoyed her day - whether that was due to the headphone device, or a better view of some animals. She really interacted and engaged with her surroundings.”

“The tour was great and, in particular, being able to get up close to some of the animals was really great for Arthur - Genghis the camel was a big hit! Any activity that allows Arthur to get a closer look (or even better, the ability to touch) is ideal given his low vision.”

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