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Blind Comedian Takes To The Stage at Glasgow Comedy Festival

A blind comedian takes to the stage this month at Glasgow’s International Comedy Festival for his first solo show.

Neil Skene performing on stage

Neil Skene was born with glaucoma and despite having some useful vision in his early years, has been blind for all his adult life. His show, ‘The Belligerency of Blindness’ is born from a lifetime of real experience.

“I think most people with a disability suffer from pent-up frustrations,” Neil says. “This show gives me an opportunity to vent them publicly, something I have being doing in private with family and friends which has seen me labeled as ‘belligerent!’

“In the show, I make endless excuses as to why this label is unjustified, but audience members can make their own mind up!

“For me, performing without sight can be an advantage. I really focus on the material and don't try to pre-read the audience.”

As part of the stand-up show, Neil tells all about life without sight, something he doesn’t claim to navigate without support.

“I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received over the years from organisations like RNIB Scotland who have provided me with so many practical tips and support for everyday living. It’s not intrusive support, but they’re there for when you need it and a vital service. For people new to sight loss, it can be a very scary place, but in time and with perseverance, it is navigable.”

And what advice would Neil give to those who have recently lost their sight?

“Continue to be yourself. You really are still you, just with less vision!”

* Neil’s show, ‘The Belligerency of Blindness’ is at Blackfriars, Bell Street, at 6pm on Friday, March 15th. Over 18s only. Tickets available