Helping improve accessibility of TV Licence payments

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Friday, 1 May 2020
Accessible information
Hand points a remote at a blurry tv screen

RNIB has been working with the BBC to include accessibility in TV Licence staff training.

We’re really pleased to hear that our supporters’ experiences of inaccessibility in the TV Licence payments process will now be incorporated into TV Licensing’s official staff training.

It’s to avoid repeating issues which have meant it’s been difficult for blind and partially sighted people to claim the 50% discount on their TV Licence.

For example, in the past automated menus haven’t explained how to apply for the discount, advisers have been unaware of this option and staff have asked customers with sight loss to read out printed materials.

This development is hugely positive and shows how blind and partially sighted people sharing their experiences can encourage companies to change. Please do keep letting us know when you struggle to access services because of accessibility.

Sonali Rai, RNIB’s broadcaster relationship and AD technology manager, added: 

It is encouraging to see the BBC responding promptly to what our customers have said and taking action to ensure there is awareness of the needs of people with sight loss, it’s important that all essential services take note of the accessibility requirements of their customers.

More information here.