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Glen’s story shows how RNIB’s Talking Books inspires people with sight loss and helps to change lives

Every year, World Book Day on 2 March, is marked in 100 countries around the world, reminding us how important reading is for people with sight loss. RNIB’s Talking Books services ensures that thousands of blind and partially sighted people can read the books they need and love.

Middle-aged smiling man, wearing earphones in his garden

Glen Flatley, from Merseyside, has Retinitis Pigmentosa, and has been blind since his late 20s. It took Glen a while to come to terms with being blind - he struggled to come to terms with the fact he could no longer enjoy hobbies like watching TV and had reached a crisis point.

He had not grown up reading books, but a rehabilitation worker suggested he try Talking Books:

“She asked me if I had ever considered Talking Books. I said I didn’t know about it as I’d never read a book ever really. I grew up on a council estate and we didn't grow up reading books. We didn't do things like that. But I thought, you know what? I’ll give it a go.”

Talking Books helps Glen move forward

Glen listened to his first talking book, Eye of the Tiger by Wilbur Smith, for 14 hours in a row. This experience helped him to accept his situation and to seek out more help from RNIB; he learnt how to use a computer.

“Probably the only reason I'm sat here today working for RNIB is because of the introduction to Talking Books; a really vital service that relies on people giving money to keep it going. I really found it fascinating and gradually one thing led to another, as I started exploring other services.”

Every day people with sight loss are able to escape from their day-to-day life through RNIB Talking Books, but it also helps them do more to help themselves. With Talking Books, the latest books are accessible in audio format. You can find out more about Talking Books here.

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