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We’re supporting the "It’s everyone’s journey" campaign

"It’s everyone’s journey" is an awareness campaign from the Department for Transport to support equal access for all on public transport as we come out of lockdown.

Image: A cartoon of two people stopping to give space to a woman walking with a cane. A speech bubble from the people standing close by says "I'll do my best to give other people space".

The campaign aims to enable more disabled people to travel with confidence, by creating a more supportive travel environment. It asks each of us to think about the ways we use public transport and to have a little more consideration for our fellow passengers, as we all get used to the measures in place to keep us safe.

Why we’re supporting the campaign

Since the first coronavirus lockdown, we’ve all been adjusting as much as possible to the daily challenges of the pandemic, including restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus. But social distancing can be near impossible if you cannot see to keep your distance from others or take account of visual cues like signs or markers. 

As lockdown began to ease again, we shared how the public, businesses and Government can help make getting out and about again easier for blind and partially sighted people and we asked everyone to maintain the space, be patient, be helpful.

Now, as more restrictions are lifted and we begin to use public transport more, "It’s everyone’s journey" reflects on how changes might affect disabled passengers, such as social distancing, face masks, access to priority seats and more. As one commuter told us:

"I’ve always been quite a confident and independent person, but I do feel nervous at the prospect of returning to my daily commute. There are so many things that I didn’t used to have to consider – such as social distancing and one-way systems.” - Georgie

The more people who understand the additional difficulties that disabled people encounter when out and about, the better it will be, for everyone!  

Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Eleanor Thompson, said: "Being able to make journeys independently and confidently is essential for everything, from being able to access health appointments, to getting to work or having a meal out with friends. We hope this campaign will increase understanding of some of the barriers blind and partially sighted people face while travelling and help make journeys easier.”

Following some simple tips and being considerate of others can make a #WorldOfDifference for everyone.

How you can help

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