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Key insights from the 2022 annual volunteer survey

I am Hannah Baguley, the Volunteering Insight Manager at RNIB and I am responsible for all of the volunteering research that we undertake.

A woman at a busy hospital reception desk working on a laptop

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our most recent volunteer survey in October, as we have some great feedback that we can use to inform our work going forward. The numbers have been crunched and I am delighted to share a few of the findings with you below.

  • The main motivation for volunteering is a chance to share existing skills.
  • 83% of volunteers feel like they’re making a difference through volunteering.
  • 81% feel valued for the time and effort they donate to RNIB.
  • 80% of volunteers feel volunteering improves their wellbeing.
  • 77% of blind and partially volunteers have learnt and developed new skills through volunteering with RNIB.
  • When asked what volunteering means to you, one volunteer said, “This has given me more confidence myself and satisfaction in helping others. Giving me back "Me" which I had lost along with my sight.”

Grab yourself a drink and read the full insight report and recommendations from the survey here.

So what?

We have gathered a large amount of volunteer insights through the survey, but what are we actually going to do with the data?

One of our top priorities is to work with the Volunteer Communications Panel to explore and develop solutions to the current issues volunteers face around communication. We also plan to carry out focus groups with volunteers to gather more in-depth insight into their experience, particularly around communication.

Another focus for the Volunteering team is to measure and actively communicate the impact of volunteering, both on customers and RNIB as an organisation, to ensure volunteers feel satisfied with and valued for their contribution.

Linked to both of these priorities is value and recognition. We will support volunteer managers to provide an excellent volunteering experience by delivering regular updates to their volunteers, exploring opportunities for face-to-face interaction, and recognising the value that volunteers bring to our work.

Keep an eye on the Volunteer Hub to see how we are turning volunteer feedback into action.