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Limitations are batted away at Glasgow Blind Cricket event

A unique event is being run in Glasgow this weekend for blind and sighted people to have a go at visually impaired cricket.

The event, which has been jointly organised by RNIB Scotland, Cricket Scotland and Scottish Disability Sport, takes place on Saturday 27 April at Glasgow Club Bellahouston between 10am-1pm, and is open to all ages and abilities.

Visually impaired cricket differs from the standard sport in many ways, one of the most major being the ball, which is significantly larger than a standard cricket ball and filled with ball bearings or similar to provide audible cues for players. The stumps are also larger, and often made of metal tubes painted in bright colours, to allow partially sighted players to see and blind players to touch it in order to correctly position themselves when batting or bowling.

Equipment, guides, and runners will be available for participants, with the additional opportunity to take part in walking cricket. No previous experience is required, and sighted attendees will have the opportunity to experience different eye conditions with "sim-specs" that will be provided.

The event is aimed at getting as many people together as possible to get involved in visually impaired cricket, whether they have a vision impairment or are looking to learn more.

Emily Divine, Disability Development Manager at Cricket Scotland said: “We are so excited at Cricket Scotland to be working with RNIB Scotland and SDS to bring participants together, for a come and try, visual impairment cricket event.

"This type of event has happened pre-COVID but now we are also hopeful this will continue on as a regular session.

"The dream is to have a Scottish VI team to compete down south and beyond!”

Fraser Kennedy, West Regional Development Manager for Scottish Disability Sport said: “We are extremely excited to be a part of this event alongside Cricket Scotland and RNIB Scotland.

"This is a wonderful opportunity that will bring people of all ages together from across Glasgow and beyond and will be an excellent example of inclusive sport”.

Councillor Saqib Ahmed, who represents Greater Pollok said: “I am delighted to have played my part to bring Cricket Scotland, RNIB Scotland, and Disability Scotland Sport together to arrange a cricket match for visually impaired people.

"As a cricket fan, I want more and more people to participate and play this great game, and I will always advocate for such an event.

"We have a duty upon us to make sure that every kind of sport and physical activity is accessible for everyone in Scotland.”

Conor Joseph, Community Connection Coordinator at RNIB Scotland said: “It’ll be a bit of fun and a bit of a taster day to try out cricket - even if you’ve had quite a bit of experience before, it’s open to all skill levels.

“It’s also a great chance to meet other people and improve your mental health as you’re able to get out and about!”