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Metro story highlights the benefits of disclosing your sight loss

Newspaper The Metro has published a First Person story by entrepreneur and artist manager Ben Price, where he tells of his sight loss journey and how he came to realise the importance of disclosing his disability.

In the Metro story Ben Price talks about life as a successful and busy tour manager and how things changed when he was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that one day could lead to total blindness. For a long time Ben didn't disclose his sight loss, even though he struggled with many aspects of his job. When the pandemic struck everything changed for Ben and he decided to concentrate on managing disabled artists in the music business.

He got funding from Arts Council England to look at the difficulties surrounding disclosure, and if that were the reason that a recent study had discovered that less than 2 per cent of the music industry identified as disabled.

RNIB recognise how difficult it can be for many people looking for work or who are in employment to talk about their sight loss. There are often benefits to disclosing your disability, including being able to access the reasonable adjustments that employers are required to consider. It is worth remembering that if your employer does not know you have a disability, they cannot make any adjustments to help you succeed in your job.