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RNIB in Bristol: an update

Stephen Weymouth, RNIB Network Manager for the South West, said:

“Like every charity, we have a responsibility to make the best use of our resources, and review plans and projects on a regular basis accordingly. We continue to work with Vision West of England (VWE) to explore opportunities to co-locate whilst meeting affordability criteria, and RNIB staff will remain at Stillhouse Lane until the end of May.

“It may not be possible for us to secure an accessible location that offers space for training, social events and other activities on-site, but we will work with other organisations to find suitable facilities both close to Stillhouse Lane and in other areas of Bristol that people with sight loss will be able to use.

“Our commitment to working with local partners to support more blind and partially sighted people in the Bristol area, both now and in the future, remains unchanged.”

RNIB and VWE will continue to engage blind and partially sighted people in the Bristol area through the Bristol Location Partnership Group. For further information or to share your views, please email [email protected].