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RNIB launches Sensory Scavenger Hunt activity-pack for children

RNIB has launched an exciting new Sensory Scavenger Hunt activity pack that lets children of all ages understand their senses beyond sight through fun challenges.

These include telling the difference between smells, appreciating the different textures of their toys, and taking on the taste test.

The pack, which can be downloaded for free from RNIB’s website, aims to keep young explorers entertained during lockdown weekends.

There’s also an opportunity for parents to join in and teach their children about resilience and understanding by explaining how blind and partially sighted people overcome challenges by using their other senses.

While the Sensory Scavenger Hunt activity pack is free to download, there is an option to donate £3 to RNIB via text or online.

Becca McRow-Brewer, RNIB's senior manager of community giving, said: “We are so excited to have put together this Sensory Scavenger Hunt activity pack for children and hope that lots of them will get involved. This activity is suitable for all ages, and we have made it accessible so children with sight loss can join in too.

“The activity pack is free to download, but donations will help RNIB’s work to support the 178,000 people living with sight loss in Scotland, and over two million across the UK, during this particularly challenging time.”

The sensory activities in the scavenger hunt activity pack are split into two sections which can be played at home or outside: The Great Indoors and Embrace Nature. Each section contains four sensory rounds that explore a different sense within that environment and each round contains a checklist of 10 challenges to get started.

The activity pack can be viewed on any mobile device or tablet. It can also be printed to create instant, engaging activities for hours of fun as children explore their surroundings.

To donate £3 to RNIB, text HUNT to 70007 or visit our website.