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RNIB update on statutory supervision by the Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has informed RNIB that we're no longer under “statutory supervision”. This means the Charity Commission is satisfied with the progress we've made since the Statutory Inquiry concluded in June 2020 and we'll now return to their normal regulatory oversight.  

Their decision was informed by two independent reports which acknowledged our progress in becoming a more modern and effective charity with robust processes and policies in place. This includes a critical culture change in the organisation around safeguarding. It was recognised that RNIB’s leadership has played a critical role in the charity’s transformation, setting the right tone from the top. 

“RNIB’s journey of improvement is not over. We'll continue to improve our safeguarding and governance in line with best practice. However, there is a renewed sense of purpose to RNIB, something that was illustrated by our response to the coronavirus pandemic. RNIB is now actively looking outward, and planning for the future.” Matt Stringer, RNIB CEO. 

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised by the inquiry, please get in touch. It is never too late to report a safeguarding concern or complaint. Some people find that reporting gives them a sense of closure and helps them to start moving on. You can contact us on 0303 123 9999. We will listen. We will act. You can also speak to the police about what happened to you by calling 101.