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RNIB's statement on floating bus stops

Vivienne Francis, RNIB’s Chief Social Change Officer commented on reports the Transport Secretary is considering a ban on floating bus stops: “Evidence tells us that the current design of bus stop bypasses is dangerous for blind and partially sighted people."

“We want to see a halt to building new bus stops with cycle lanes, and at the same time, existing floating bus stops need to be adapted so that they are safe and accessible to blind and partially sighted pedestrians.

“The Department for Transport needs to do much more to design the built environment to ensure cyclists and blind and partially sighted people can both make journeys safely.

“The latest government-backed research reinforced what we already knew - that blind and partially sighted people have not been involved meaningfully in current street design processes. This needs to change.

“For many years we have been working with local authorities and transport executives at a local level to advocate for built environment schemes which are safe for everybody to use. A national design standard is much needed to ensure our streets are safe for both pedestrians and cyclists.”