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“She’s the Lewis Capaldi of the art world" - the young visually impaired artist transforming creativity

Colourful abstract painting.

Image shows a colourful abstract painting painted by young artist Hannah Evans.

Hannah Evans (17) from Linlithgow, has been creating art since she was three years old and has three group exhibitions and three large solo shows under her belt. She is also partially sighted, autistic, and has specific learning and communication disabilities.

Hannah’s art is a realm of imagination and creativity. She paints in acrylic and water colour; sculpts in plastic, sand, and clay; and creates photographs and prints, all in unconventional and unique ways.

But Hannah’s art is unique precisely because of her experimentation. At a recent family activity day hosted by RNIB Scotland’s Families team, she even leant her artistic talent to painting boxes for Edinburgh Zoo’s animals to play with.

Image shows young artist Hannah Evans stood in front of some of her artworks.

“At first I just dismissed Hannah’s art as kid’s paintings,” says Carol, Hannah’s mum. “But through my late dad’s mentoring and promotion of Hannah’s art, I finally get it and see the talent he saw in her. He said she was the ‘Lewis Capaldi’ of the art world. She never ceases to amaze me with what she produces.”

However, creating art with low vision is not without its difficulties. Carol adds, “She does struggle with conventional drawing and due to her learning disabilities, she always needs constant supervision in her art even although she does it all herself. But she sees colour and the world differently which only adds a new dimension to her art.”

Image shows colourful abstract painting painted by young artist Hannah Evans

An award winner and the youngest professional member of the Scottish Artist Union, Hannah’s upcoming exhibition will feature her river series, created through manipulating flowing paint. She says, “I like art, it makes me happy.”

Visit Hannah’s ‘My Colour Expression’ exhibition at Cass Art in Glasgow from 23 February to 4 March.