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Supporting your customers during the cost of living crisis

The rising cost of living has impacted everyone making it difficult for organisations to manage their finances and customer expectations, and this is having a marked effect on people with sight loss.

We've held a number of focus groups with blind and partially sighted people to understand how they are affected by the rise in the cost of living and also what challenges they face when it comes to accessibility of services. This research has enabled us to put together some tips to help you make your services more accessible.

Things you can do to help

Provide information in accessible formats

It's important to give your customers the choice to request information in different formats including large print, audio or braille. Our transcription services can transform your written materials into different formats so that they are accessible to your blind and partially sighted customers.

Train your teams in accessibility

A common theme that came up in the focus groups was staff awareness of sight loss.

“It’s difficult when people say, ‘the machine is there’. Well, that doesn’t help, not at all, because I can’t see where there is. I can’t see where they are pointing.”

Focus group participant

With our online and face-to-face training, you can empower your employees to deliver better customer experiences and build a truly inclusive culture.

Think about your tech

The shift towards digital financial services and cashless transactions has been convenient and empowering for many blind and partially sighted people, but some are being left behind. Look at whether you are providing different opportunities for your customers to stay with you by ensuring your websites and apps are accessible.

Consider your workforce

Sight loss shouldn't mean job loss, simple and reasonable adjustments can help your organisation recruit and retain valuable staff. Adjustments can include making the workspace more accessible or providing technology such as screenreading software or a larger monitor. We can advise you on accessibility and carry out work-based assessments to ensure your employees are supported .