Our ECLO service is an immediate point of contact for someone diagnosed with serious sight loss or an eye condition

Helpline and sight loss adviser with a headset in front of computer screen

What is an ECLO and what do they do?

ECLOs work closely with medical and nursing staff in the eye clinic, and the sensory team in social services. They have the time to dedicate to patients following consultation, so that they can discuss the impact the condition may have on their life.

They provide anyone recently diagnosed with an eye condition, and their families, with the practical and emotional support which they need to understand their diagnosis, deal with their sight loss and maintain their independence. 

By offering dedicated individual care, ECLOs can talk to you about your worries and give you advice on how to lessen the impact your eye condition may have on your life.

They can also help prevent avoidable sight loss, by talking through treatment and any medication if necessary. 

RNIB's ECLOs are an important part of our Sight Loss Advice Service.

What support do ECLOs offer?

ECLOs are there to provide up-to-date information and put patients in touch with useful services by making referrals on their behalf. They can advise on: 

  • eye conditions 

  • welfare benefits you may be entitled to 

  • remaining in employment or re-training 

  • mental health and emotional wellbeing 

  • children's services and where to get help with difficulties at school 

  • voluntary organisations and local support groups

ECLOs are also able to explain the process for accessing a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) and the benefits of certification.

Watch our film about what ECLOs do:


Information for eyecare professionals

Optometry professionals can access local ECLO Staff Contact Details and an Optometry ECLO Referral form.

Visit our Information and guidance for eyecare professionals pages for further information, including our ‘ECLO Referral Guidelines’.

Contact us

You can contact your local RNIB ECLO by asking your doctor or nurse at your next eye clinic appointment, or just give our Helpline a call.

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