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To challenge what people think they know about sight loss, we have filmed a series of relaxed, on the sofa, conversations with some fascinating guests.

As part of RNIB’s “See the person, not the sight loss” campaign, we explore a new theme in each video as a guest with sight loss and a sighted guest chat about anything and everything, from everyday living experiences to the reality of travelling or playing sport with sight loss. Through these conversations, our guests explore some myths about sight loss and let people know how best to help, as well as how everyone sees differently.

They offer advice and tips on what we can all do to build a better world for blind and partially sighted people.

On father and son relationships

Love Island participant, Ron Hall and his father Rodney discuss their relationship and how they both adapted to Ron’s sight loss.

The RNIB Helpline can offer support and advice if you're a parent, or want to support a family member or friend with sight loss.

Watch Ron and Rodney
Two men sat on a sofa looking at the camera, the man on the right is holding a film clapper.

Image of Rodney and Ron

On travelling with sight loss

Winners of BBC’s “Race Across the World” TV show, Trish and Cathie chat about their travel adventures and the ups and downs people with sight loss face on the road.

If you're interested in campaigning for safer and accessible travel for people with sight loss, read more about our Inclusive Journeys campaign.

Watch Trish and Cathie
Two women with their arms round each other smiling at the camera

Image of Trish and Cathie

On cooking with sight loss

Social media influencers, Claire Sisk and Daisy Wood chat about what it’s like being a mum with sight loss and what they cook and prepare for the family.

The RNIB shop has a range of kitchen essentials and helpful gadgets so you can cook up a storm.

Watch Claire and Daisy
Two women sat side by side on a sofa are smiling at the camera. The woman on the left is holding a film clapper.

Image of Daisy and Claire

On being football fans

David Clarke, chair of The Paralympic Committee and former England footballer, talks about his experiences playing football at the highest level, as well as what it’s like to follow a sport when you are blind or partially sighted.

Interested in playing sports? Find out more information on our See Sport Differently programme for people living with sight loss.

Watch David and Martin
Two men sitting next to each other on a sofa.

Image of Martin and David

On being film directors

Award-winning directors, Adam Morse and Jesse Lewis-Reece, talk about being a film director with sight loss and the challenges of working in the film industry.

Watch Adam and Jesse
Two men sat on a sofa smiling at the camera

Image of Adam and Jesse

On friendship

Eli, the actor in our “See the person, not the sight loss" film chats with their friend Jack about friendship and sight loss.

If you or a friend or family member need support or advice about sight loss contact the RNIB Helpline.

Watch Eli and Jack
Two people sitting on a sofa, the person on the left is wearing glasses and looking at the camera.

Image of Eli and Jack

On being writers and journalists

Award-winning journalists and writers, Selina Mills and Rosie Murray-West, chat about their careers and navigating sight loss.

RNIB has a range of resources and information to help employers support colleagues and employees with sight loss.

Watch Selina and Rosie
Two women are sat next to each on a sofa, the woman on the right is holding a film clapper.

Image of Rosie and Selina

On gaming with sight loss

Eli, the actor in our "See the person, not the sight loss" film chats with their friend Jack about their passion for gaming and accessible video games.

If you are interested in gaming, check out Design for every gamer, our initiative to create a better gaming world for people with sight loss and a rallying cry to the industry to start making real change.

Watch Eli and Jack
Two people sit talking on a leather sofa.

Image of Eli and Jack

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