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Group activities

If you’re keen to socialise and meet new people, you might enjoy exercising in a group.

Whether you’re looking to take part in outdoor or indoor exercise, there are a range of activities suited to any level of sight loss out there including visually impaired (VI) rugby, boccia and cricket.

Paul, one of our See Sport Differently supporters, discovered just this when he started his journey to getting active by trying a VI rugby session.

Paul’s story: Conquering childhood fears with small adaptions

When Paul realised a few small adaptions to the game of rugby meant he’d be able to exercise with new friends, everything changed.

Find out how Paul got into playing VI rugby…

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Discover more activities on the British Blind Sport website, including boccia and cricket, if you haven’t yet found the right one for you.

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Our quiz is the perfect way for you to discover what activity you might like. Time to start your journey to becoming more active?

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Are you ready to See Sport Differently? We’re sharing nine stories of people who have started their journey to getting active and can help you do the same.

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If you would prefer to start exercising from the comfort of your own home, try out one of our home workouts.

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