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Test your coordination

Getting active doesn’t always need to involve coordination, but you might like to try activities where you’re able to put your reaction skills to the test!

There are lots of individual or team sports out there. You might enjoy ball sports such as visually impaired (VI) tennis, VI bowls or cricket. Gordon, one of our See Sport Differently supporters, thought he’d never play bowls again when he lost his sight, but by taking things slowly, and finding a group of supportive people around him – he’s started a new journey.

Gordon’s story: How sight loss didn’t mean game over

The love of bowls runs in Gordon’s family, and it was a sport he loved for years. Since discovering VI bowls, he’s found it’s a game open to everyone, no matter your level of sight.

Find out how Gordon got into playing VI bowls…

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If VI bowls isn’t for you, why not test your coordination with VI tennis or cricket. Or there are plenty of ‘other activities which don’t require quick reactions, like running, walking or gymnastics.

Whichever your preference, head over to British Blind Sport’s website to explore more.

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