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Real stories

Three women and two men walking in a group

Tony, a see sport differently volunteer running with a group of people, three men and two women

Whether you’d like to take up a new activity or want to feel confident exercising on your own – we want to help you start your journey. From going for a walk or jog, to trying martial arts, we’re sharing nine stories of people who have all begun to See Sport Differently.

Meet our See Sport Differently supporters

Yahya’s story: How getting active has opened new doors

Yahya was anxious when he started to lose his sight, but he’s never felt better thanks to jiu-jitsu. It’s opened so many doors, helping him gain new friends and confidence.

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A man knelt on the floor, in his jiu-jitsu uniform

See Sport Differently supporter Yahya in his jiu-jitsu uniform

Tony’s story: Why moving together makes a difference

When a tumour caused Tony’s sight loss, being active was the last thing on his mind. But the support he received while running meant he’s not looked back.

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A man standing with a woman and another man

See Sport Differently supporter Tony talking to a man and a woman.

Cyreeta’s story: Discovering new motivation for movement

After her central vision went, Cyreeta had lost all motivation. But her newfound love for running has put a spring back in her step.

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A woman running on a path in a park with headphones

See Sport Differently supporter Cyreeta running through the park with headphones

Gordon’s story: How sight loss didn’t mean game over

When both of Gordon’s retinas detached, he thought his time playing bowls was over. How wrong he was.

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A man bent down about to throw a bowl

See Sport Differently supporter Gordon playing bowls.

Megan’s story: Why there’s something out there for everyone

A rare sight loss condition really knocked Megan’s confidence. She thought she would embarrass herself getting active, but she now wishes she had started sooner!

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A woman sitting on a chair smiling

See Sport Differently supporter Megan sitting in a chair

Ken’s story: Why change doesn’t equal inactivity

Ken knew things had to change when he lost his sight, but he didn’t let it stop him staying active. With the right support, he was able to keep swimming and cycling.

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A man with a cycling helmet on

See Sport Differently supporter Ken wearing a cycling helmet

Patricia’s story: Finding ways to be active no matter your age

When the children moved away, Patricia had a choice: get out and give something new a go or stay at home. She didn’t let her sight loss stop her.

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A woman holding a tennis racket on an indoor tennis court

See Sport Differently supporter Patricia playing tennis

Helen’s story: How having a go helped nerves melt away

Helen looked for any excuse not to get involved when she lost her sight. But now she’s back playing football, her nerves have melted away and she’s rekindled her love of the beautiful game.

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A woman holding a football and smiling in a sports hall

See Sport Differently supporter Helen wearing her football kit and holding a ball

Paul’s story: Conquering childhood fears with small adaptations

Paul didn’t let previous bad experiences stop him from getting involved in visually impaired rugby. Since trying a sport adapted for sight loss, his childhood fears have disappeared. He now enjoys playing with friends while keeping fit.

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A man holding a rugby ball with eye shades on

See Sport Differently supporter Paul playing rugby with eye shades on

Find an activity for you

Now you have read some real stories of blind and partially sighted people getting active, could it be your turn? Head over to our See Sport Differently quiz to find an activity which is right for you.

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Workout from home

If you would prefer to get active from the comfort of your own home, why not try our home workouts. From gentle warm-ups, to conditioning and building strength, get started from home and build up to trying something new.

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