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Megan’s story: Why there’s something out there for everyone

Megan never felt included in sport at school. A rare sight loss condition called aniridia, which causes dazzle or difficulty adjusting to bright lights, meant she felt left out.

But since a friend persuaded her to go along to a goalball session, Megan has fallen in love with the activity, seeing sport in a whole new way. She has never felt more comfortable while playing a sport. This is her story.

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How to play goalball

Goalball is the perfect sport to play with others, no matter their sight. It is a game specifically designed for people with sight loss but doesn’t exclude those with full vision, as everyone wears eyeshades or a blindfold.

Tactile lines are used for players to feel where they are and the ball has an internal bell, allowing you to hear where it is. The aim of the game is to score in your opponent’s goal, with three people per team.

Goalball is an indoor sport, meaning it can never be ruined by the weather and is a great way to get active. There’s also the opportunity for you to get competitive with a group of friends who can all get involved. However, it is equally fun to just use it as a way to keep fit, without taking it too seriously.

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