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Patricia’s story: Finding ways to be active no matter your age

When Patricia’s children left home, she worried she’d be stuck indoors all day so wanted to find new ways to spend her time.

Myopic degeneration – extreme short-sightedness – didn’t stop Patricia exploring what was out there, and she was boosted by the support of her local leisure centre. Her newfound love of visually impaired (VI) tennis has given her a new lease of life. This is her story.

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How to play VI tennis

Tennis can be adapted to make it accessible, no matter your sight, as players are grouped based on their visual ability.

The ball is larger and softer than a regular tennis ball and the court is smaller, with shorter rackets and a lower net also used. This means blind and partially sighted people can enjoy the game just as much as anyone.

Tennis can help to improve your fitness, whether you want to play as an individual, or as doubles. It can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, whether you want to play competitively, or just for fun.

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