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Paul’s story: Conquering childhood fears with small adaptations

Paul never thought he could enjoy playing rugby.

Bad experiences at school due to cataracts and glaucoma, meant Paul was afraid he would get hurt. But by taking small steps and finding the confidence to try visually impaired (VI) rugby, he has never looked back. This is his story.

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How to play VI rugby

Rugby can be made accessible for blind and partially sighted people, with the main concept - of passing backwards, running forwards and the aim of scoring a try over the opposition’s line – remaining the same. There are seven players per team.

VI rugby involves ‘touch’ only tackles, with a referee commentating on the game, so players understand where the ball and players are, with teams being made up of players with varying sight levels.

It is a social sport, and a fun way to get active, whilst enjoying some fresh air.

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