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Image shows a phone with In Your Pocket loaded on to itRNIB’s accessible newsagent, library and information delivered to your pocket.

Reading can make a world of difference to your enjoyment of life, which is why we’re excited to launch a new version of In Your Pocket – a portable device for blind and partially sighted people, brought to you by RNIB, RealSAM and O2.

Designed to make reading the latest newspapers, magazines and books easier, In Your Pocket now features a new Doro device, with larger buttons and a great speaker for quality sound, O2 connectivity, and RealSAM interactive speech software.  It also comes with a subscription to RNIB Newsagent, access to RNIB Talking Books, as well as podcasts, weather, and location information – an unbeatable reading package at just £20 per month – contract term 24 months, or a one off payment of £480 – order before 24 December to receive a £30 discount. Call the dedicated In Your Pocket help line to order on 0333 772 7708.

With voice control, In Your Pocket is easy to use, fuss-free and great for listening on-the-go. You can get reading right away, without the need for a computer or downloads. You will always have access to the latest editions of newspapers, magazines and podcasts, wherever and whenever you want to listen.

With In Your Pocket, there’s no waiting for the postman. Just say “Read me The Guardian”, or “Find books about gardening”, or “Play me The Archers”, and In Your Pocket will oblige.  You can also access other useful information, for example “What is the weather in Cambridge?”, or “What is the time in Paris?”.  Asking “Where am I?” tells you your current location, along with the nearest street intersection.

RNIB Newsagent provides daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines, and the RNIB Library provides you with access to over 25,000 Talking Books. In Your Pocket lets you access all of these on demand, along with over 50,000 podcasts from BBC, RNIB, TED Talks and much more. New sources of media are being added regularly, so you will always have new content to listen to.

The new In Your Pocket will be available from 1st December 2017. To pre-register your interest, please call our dedicated In Your Pocket Helpline on 0333 772 7708, or email us at

To find out more, please visit the RNIB In Your Pocket website.

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