Products and publications in braille

Braille remains at the heart of RNIB's work

We champion the development of braille technologies and provide a huge range of braille related products, publications and services, giving braille users even more opportunity to take charge of their own lives.


Braille products

We spend millions of pounds every year on developing new products and technology for blind and partially sighted people. This is done through directly commissioning new products, working in close partnerships or providing support and promotion for products already in development. All developments are global and RNIB works with 150 distributor contacts across the world.

All of our braille products are aimed at making daily life easier for blind and partially sighted people. From braille board games to diaries and organisers, labelling equipment and pill dispensers to refreshable braille displays and notetakers, hundreds of products are available through our online shop.

RNIB also offer a range of products and materials to support people to teach and learn braille.

Reading braille is the only way of independently accessing words without someone or something reading them to you. In this way nothing has replaced braille - braille books and magazines remain very popular.

Braille books

RNIB is the largest publisher of braille books in Europe. These are available for members to borrow through the RNIB Library (which is free to join) or to buy through our online shop.

We lend thousands of braille books and music scores through our library every year. It is the largest specialist library in the UK for readers with sight loss with over 21,000 braille titles available for loan.

Braille magazines

We have an extensive choice of magazines catering for a variety of customers including titles specifically for children, journals for professionals and numerous leisure magazines. Visit our Magazines and newspapers from RNIB page.

Whether you're interested in music, current affairs, health, relationships, books, puzzles or parenting, we have a magazine to suit you. We publish in a range of accessible formats from contracted braille (grade 2) to email.

Braille alphabet card

The braille alphabet card shows the embossed braille alphabet, punctuation marks and numbers, together with the print translation.

The braille alphabet card shows the embossed braille alphabet, punctuation marks and numbers, together with the print translation.  For more information please contact our helpline on 0303 123 9999 and quote product code: PR10223