Accessible technology events: help and guidance

Two people use an IPad together
Get tips and information to help you deliver technology support or run accessible technology information sessions for your blind or partially sighted clients.

We can offer your organisation or group lots of support if you are planning a technology demonstration or digital engagement session for blind and partially sighted people.

Discover all the different tips and guidance we have gathered here to help you give technology support in an inclusive and accessible way.

A guide to help you plan

We have created a useful guide to help you plan and deliver a successful technology demonstration session.

There are lots of tips and hints in this toolkit from getting started, assigning roles, choosing hardware and communicating with customers through to follow up and evaluation. There are also links to other websites that you can visit to learn more, and information about where you can go to get templates and documents that will help your planning.

The Online Today project

Thanks to Online Today, over 80,000 people with sensory loss have been given the information and practical assistance they need to help them get and stay online.

Find out more about Online Today delivery methods, key findings, case studies, outcomes and recommendations here. 

General training courses

If you are running an employee training course or even a meeting where blind or partially sighted delegates will be in attendance, there are some things you should consider.

Our Employment team has produced some guidance to help you ensure these delegates are not disadvantaged. It covers course materials, note-taking, the training environment, access to refreshments and other facilities, and where to go for further information.