The Kindle started life as an eReader, a dedicated device for reading electronic books (eBooks) – you could download books onto it and read them.

It had limited accessibility such as text size within books could be made larger, however, the menu could not. Nor could any text be read out by a screen reader.

Nowadays, whilst you can still get Kindle devices (such as the Kindle Fire tablets), Kindle is now more popular as an app you can download onto Apple or Android devices. Using the Kindle app on Apple or Android devices allows you to use the built-in accessibility on the device (e.g. magnification or speech) to navigate the app.

Features and benefits

The Kindle app includes a book store, where you can browse and download books. You can then open the book and start to read it.  Some eBooks also have the option of an audiobook companion.  The eBook portion allows you to read the book on the screen, whereas the audiobook section allows you to listen to a professional recorded version of the book.

Separate from the Kindle app is the Audible app. This is also available for both Apple and Android devices. The Audible app is also owned and run by Amazon and as such has an extensive library of books. This app concentrates only on audiobooks for those that prefer this type of books.

Both the Kindle and Audible apps will remember your position in the book and will synchronise across multiple devices. This means that if you start reading a book on your phone, you can immediately pick up your tablet and open the book at the same page or location in the audiobook.

Anything else?

Both the Kindle app and the Audible app allow you to purchase books on a book-by-book or subscription basis. Each has their own benefits. It is recommended that you take a look at the websites to see what’s included in the subscription packages.

The Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are very accessible as is the Amazon Kindle app on Android and Apple devices.

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