A Tablet with the Netflix logo on the screen

Netflix, Prime Video, BritBox and Now TV are providers of subscription-based media streaming services that you pay for monthly in return for unlimited streaming of TV shows and films.

These services are accessible via the internet on various devices, including smart TVs, tablets, computers, laptops and smart phones.

Streaming means the content that you are watching is brought to you directly from the internet, and it disappears as you watch it. You will not receive a copy of the show, like you would have with a video tape or DVD.

Features and benefits

There are many thousands of different TV shows and films available through Netflix, Prime Video which is an Amazon service, BritBox and Now TV. Many of these things are classics that you might remember, know and love. Netflix and Prime Video also make new and original programmes that only their subscribers have access to, and these can be very high quality and entertaining.

As well as being easy to use, all of these services give you an option of a free trial for a number of weeks. You must remember when your free trial is going to end and ensure to cancel your subscription or you will be charged (unless you would like to continue with a subscription).

Audio Description is available for Netflix and Prime Video original titles, as well as selected other movies and TV shows. BritBox and Now TV do not have audio description.

Anything else?

Before considering any of these streaming services, you need to ensure that your broadband connection is fast enough and that your package allows you a suitable download limit. The terms and conditions of streaming sites will state the minimum broadband speed required.

How to use Netflix

  • Once logged in, you can select the menu button (in the top left of the screen) which will open a side bar menu showing all categories.
  • The last item is audio description which will display all shows that use audio description.
  • When the content begins, you need to change the audio language of the show to “Audio Described (English)”. This is different depending on if you are watching on a tablet or TV.  You can pause the show and there should be a button (either on screen or on the remote) to change the language.

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Updated: January 2022