TV on Demand is a service offered by all of the major broadcasters. You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like via the internet (broadband is needed to use it).

Remote control in the foreground pointing at a blurred TV screen

TV on Demand allows you to be more in control over what you watch, not tied to TV schedules that dictate when a show is on. Just choose your favourite show and click play - no waiting and sometimes not even any adverts.

TV on Demand can also come in the form of catch up TV, which lets you watch episodes that aired in the last seven days. It also includes box sets, which give you instant access to full series or even movies to rent at the click of a button.

Freeview does not come with access to TV on Demand, but other platforms do. If you have Freesat, you will have access to TV on Demand from BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. With monthly subscription services like Virgin, Sky or BT TV, you will have access to further TV on Demand services like 4OD, Demand 5, cinema and sports packages.

Features and benefits

BBC iPlayer has a TV on Demand catch up category for audio description, so it’s easy to get described programmes from the last seven days. Channel 4 also provides audio description on all of their catch up programmes. Demand 5 say that it can take 48 hours after broadcast before the audio described version of their programmes are available.

Anything else?

Many programmes originally broadcast with audio description do not have audio description when made available on TV on Demand for catch-up. However, this will be changing as The Digital Economy Act 2017 makes it law for audio description to be made available on catch up. So as time goes on, more shows will become available.