When you are planning a trip, there are many things to consider.

From where to go and how to get there, to where to stay and what to do when you’re there. You also have all the associated paperwork: travel documents, tickets, booking confirmations and more.

With a smartphone, you can make this all a little easier.

Booking flights

Some airline companies have apps so that you can search and book flights, however not many flight booking apps are accessible when you use speech or magnification.

Once you have an airline company’s app on your device you can check in for your flight and download your boarding pass to your phone – so no more printing out and wondering if you are holding the correct paperwork.

You will still need to call the airline company and the airport to let them know about special assistance if needed.

Where to stay, what to do and where to eat

The Trip Advisor app is a really useful starting point to find out about lots of different aspects of your trip or visit. With Trip Advisor, you can simply type where you are going to find out more information about it. You will also be able to get some information about the location and what to do when you are there.

On Trip Advisor you can also find out lots about hotels and even book them. In the hotel section, you can type in the dates you want to travel and the available hotels are listed in order of reviews or price. The reviews are written by other travellers, so are sometimes a useful way to get an unbiased opinion about the quality of a hotel. But be careful to read a few different opinions and check different periods of time in case things have changed.

Trip Advisor is a great way to find restaurants and check their quality. You can search for restaurants by location, price, type of food and you can even make reservations for many places online.

Trip Advisors “Things to Do” breaks down activities in your destination by different interests, so you can find information about sightseeing tours, galleries, historic sights, bars, clubs and more.


Google Translate can help you to communicate in a foreign language. With the Google Translate app on your phone or tablet, you can choose the language you want to translate then either type or speak to hear the translation. For example, you might select French, type or speak in English, “Can I have the bill, please” and get a quick and easy translation, either on the phone screen or spoken aloud.

You can also use the conversation feature on Google Translate which will help you to have a two way conversation with another person speaking a different language. You can choose this option on your device then set it on a table or hold it in your hand. You speak in English and the app translates your words aloud into the other language. The other person speaks in their language and it is translated aloud into English.

The Google Translate camera feature translates written text into the language of your choice. It can be used to understand items on a menu or what products are in a supermarket. Switch the feature on and hold your device camera over the text to be translated and it will display the translation on your screen. You do need a steady hand to do this.

These Google Translate functions are all available using WiFi, so you need an internet connection. You can also download a language to use offline, or when you don’t have an internet connection. This is useful if you are visiting somewhere remote or a facility with no internet provided and it saves your mobile data.

All these apps are very helpful for travel, both at home and abroad and can make travel easier for someone with sight loss. You can download these apps by visiting the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.