Training for social care professionals

People taking part in trainingHere you will find our training and professional development opportunities for social care professionals wanting to be better able to support people with sight loss. 

UK Practice and Development Team: Specialist training and consultancy

RNIB's award-winning UK Practice and Development Team (UKPDT) offers specialist training and consultancy to support professionals to understand living with sight loss and co morbid conditions -  specifically learning disability, autism, dementia, and stroke - and the impact that this can have on everyday life.

UKPDT offers a range of training which will raise awareness of potential barriers to timely diagnosis and treatment, signs of sight loss and provide resources to support access to eye care services. Training will provide you with skills to implement practical strategies for independent daily living by making simple changes to communication, guiding and the environment.

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For further information contact UKPDT by calling 0141 772 5588 or email [email protected].

Vision Champion Training 

Supporting people with a learning disability, stroke or dementia.

Many people think that the person they support or care for can see perfectly well, but this is sometimes not the case. If the person has difficulties with communication and understanding then sight loss can be “hidden”. Research has demonstrated that early detection of sight loss, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation positively influences independent living skills, communication and social skills. The Vision Champion Training 

  • offers the opportunity of proactive support for sight loss rather than reactive
  • ensures that people with complex needs have any potential sight loss identified, assessed and treated
  • builds capacity and sustainability in the workforce by providing the tools to inform practice, sharing this across services, which extends reach to many more people with potential sight loss
  • has been developed to be an integral part of everyday care and support
  • helps develop the skills to support those with sight loss; and provide support and information to colleagues and carers.

RNIB’s Vision Champion Training is a three stage programme which is currently used by local authorities and health as well as voluntary organisations and care homes. For more information contact [email protected]