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RNIB collaborate with EDF to ensure an accessible customer journey

RNIB collaborate with EDF to ensure an accessible customer journey for all blind and partially sighted people.

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Who: EDF

What: Ensure that their vulnerable customers receive information in the most accessible format for them

How: Automating the process and making everything more economical

Result: More customer journey’s now have a large print, talk or braille format made available

Working systematically across three tiers of communications, RNIB has created an automated service to further enhance EDF’s support for blind and partially sighted customers. Partially sighted customers no longer need to worry about missing critical information on their energy bill; they are now able to receive bills, and direct mail in their preferred format, including large print, braille or audio.

Recognising that there was a lack of accessible communication for vulnerable customers

EDF was receiving more queries from the vulnerable customer’s team. They wanted to ensure that their vulnerable customers would receive the information needed in the most accessible format for them, and not risk missing out on anything vital. With RNIB’s expertise, EDF set out to look at their vulnerable customers’ requirements and provide the best solution.

Richard O’Brien, Communications Deployment and Development Manager at EDF says: “We need to ensure that we treat vulnerable customers fairly, and we didn’t feel that we were catering for their requirements across all our communication, which is key if they’re to be able to understand their bills and pay them. We feel strongly that we should make the same communications available to everyone that we can.

Working with RNIB to make communications available in an accessible format

Initially, it was only bills that were made available in large print, audio and braille, but EDF decided that they needed to widen the communications available in an accessible format. As a result of this project, more customer journey’s now have a large print, talk or braille format made available.

Carrying out an in-depth review of communications and customer requirements with RNIB

EDF and RNIB did a full review of the requirements across their communications. RNIB then reviewed the best solution to meet EDF’s requirements. EDF often provides customers with the regular printed format as well – if they prefer to have friends and family guide them through their bills.

Preparing the three tiers of communication in stages

EDF and RNIB had a weekly setup meeting. They onboarded gradually, by prioritising the most critical comms to go first as the test run, then widening to include all other channels. Then they phased out the second batch of communications. Lastly, they addressed the third tier. Any other requirements are ring fenced and done manually – by including separate flags in the customer data if they need anything special within that format.

Working with RNIB to change the system for all future communication

Working with RNIB, EDF changed their whole letter template engine, the CCM (customer communication management system). “Changing to CCM was quite a big additional project that we hadn’t foreseen. RNIB has been fantastic in working with us to ensure a smooth transition, and it involved parallel running between two systems.” Richard explains how critical it was to work closely with RNIB to ensure that all communications were put out in time:

“It’s critical that we work closely with RNIB to ensure that customers receive the information when they need it. RNIB has been great in making that happen, automating the process and making everything more economical. We have a really good working relationship.”

An EDF employee outside wearing safety gear

Donna Watkins, Customer Relationship Manager at RNIB says: “We are pleased to have worked with EDF and recognise the commitment they have shown to ensuring blind and partially sighted people have access to independent information about their energy bills. This enables customers to make informed choices about their energy usage and other support that may be available to them”.

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