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Health professionals

A woman having eye drops put in their eye by a eye care professional.
A woman having eye drops put in their eye by a eye care professional.

If you're an health professional we have guidance and resources that can help you support your blind and partially sighted patients. Whatever health care service you provide we're here to make sure you're supported with the information you need.

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An insight into the life of an RNIB ECLO

I’m Jenny, one of RNIB’s Eye Care Liaison Officers (ECLOs) and every day, I help people with sight loss face the future with confidence.

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Bolder is a quarterly newsletter for low vision professionals. Each issue provides an update on what’s going on in the low vision community, a spotlight focus on a gadget or piece of kit and celebrates the services provided by a local or national charity or organisation. We also showcase an interview with a low vision practitioner and a story shared by someone with lived experience.


If you're an optometrist you can find resources and guidance to help you support your patients with sight loss and those at risk from sight loss.

Public health professionals

The Government has recognised that more needs to be done to prevent avoidable sight loss.

Events and training for eye clinic staff

We're committed to helping early intervention staff and volunteers reach a common standard of knowledge and care. That’s why we run a variety of courses and networks to support the development of the ECLO and other early intervention roles and connect them to like-minded peers across the UK.

The benefits of ECLOs

Having an Eye Care Liaison Officer (ECLO also known as Eye Clinic Liaison Officer) is one of the most effective ways of supporting patients in the eye clinic.

Eye clinic staff and volunteers

We can help anyone working in eye clinics including ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses and early intervention staff and volunteers understand more about how to offer support to patients newly diagnosed with sight loss and those who return to the eye clinic for ongoing treatment.

Information and guidance for eye clinic staff

We want to raise standards and improve the quality of information and support provided to those newly diagnosed or living with sight loss and their families, friends and carers.

Services for patients

There are many ways RNIB can help you to support your patients with sight problems, through our services, products, training and information.