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Events and training for eye clinic staff

We're committed to helping early intervention staff and volunteers reach a common standard of knowledge and care. That’s why we run a variety of courses and networks to support the development of the ECLO and other early intervention roles and connect them to like-minded peers across the UK.

An ECLO is someone who works in accordance with, and adheres to, the ECLO Quality Framework (of which the RNIB Eye Clinic Support Studies Course is just one small part).

Accredited Eye Clinic Support Studies Course

RNIB offers the Eye Clinic Support Course training to equip Eye Clinic Liaison Officers (ECLOs) to competently address the emotional and practical needs of patients or clients on their eye care journey.

The course, accredited by City University London, is open to ECLOs working within eye clinics across the UK. The course is designed for ECLO post-holders throughout the UK and ECLO Service Managers. It encourages them to identify key factors in providing effective support and to reflect on how to promote these in the clinical context in which they work.

For information relating to course dates, please contact [email protected].

Eye clinic staff seminars

RNIB hosts a series of one-day seminars focusing on specific elements of eye clinic practice. These seminars offer the opportunity for those in Early Intervention support roles, such as ECLO’s, early intervention support workers and volunteers to meet others working in early intervention support based in eye clinic settings. Seminars will include demonstrations of the latest RNIB products and resources to support blind and partially sighted people, dedicated CPD sessions, Peer Review and opportunities to share best practice, ideas and learning.

Early Intervention Support Network (EISN)

The Early Intervention Support Network (EISN) is an email discussion network, established to support staff and volunteers working within eye clinic settings, providing front-line services to newly diagnosed blind and partially sighted people including those diagnosed with a sight-threatening condition.

The aim of the network is to create a community – of those working within eye clinics across the UK – that offers the opportunity for peer support, development and dissemination of best practice, problem solving, sharing ideas, experiences, and resources.

To find out more about EISN and subscribe, download our EISN guidance now.

Eye Care Professionals UK group on LinkedIn

RNIB have launched the LinkedIn Eye Care Professionals UK group. LinkedIn is a form of social media, like Facebook and Twitter but with a purely professional focus and is an excellent way to connect with professionals in the field of eye health.

The aim of the Eye Care Professionals UK group is to bring together professionals working in or with an interest in eye health to share resources, discuss issues and ideas and seek advice. This includes ophthalmologists, optometrists, ophthalmic nurses, GPs, eye clinic staff, public health specialists and more. Join us now to be part of this exciting community.