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Services for patients

There are many ways RNIB can help you to support your patients with sight problems, through our services, products, training and information.

Patient information

If your patient has recently been diagnosed with a sight condition, our guide on coming to terms with sight loss has a wealth of information and advice on how to help. Our eye health section also provides detailed information about specific eye conditions.

Support and advice

RNIB Helpline can provide your patient with a direct line to the support, advice and products they need to remain independent. Our specialist advice workers will spend time with your patient over the phone, making sure the support they give is right for them. They'll also call back a few weeks later to find out how they're getting on and what else we can do to help. Our Helpline can be reached by calling 0303 123 9999 or emailing [email protected].

Your patient could also join one of our free and informal Living Well with Sight Loss courses or become a member of one of our community Facebook groups, where they can meet others in similar situations, get practical advice and share experiences.

Products and publications

Our online shop sells thousands of products and publications that help blind and partially sighted people live independently. Your patient can browse, search and buy from our full range online for delivery straight to their door. They can also read product instructions online before they add the item to their shopping basket. Alternatively products can be purchased from our Helpline by calling 0303 123 9999 or emailing [email protected].