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Report: Audio description on music concerts and videos

This report presents the findings of a study conducted to assess the interest in using audio description (AD) for music content broadcast on television or online streaming services, as well as suggestions for improving its quality.

The research employed primary data gathered through an online survey of 50 participants and 5 interviewees. The participants were asked a series of questions regarding their experiences with AD, their opinions, and their preferences. Additionally, the interviewees were shown examples of videos featuring different types of AD and were asked to provide feedback. Several key findings emerged from the research:

  • AD for music concerts had a higher demand compared to AD for music videos. This suggests that viewers are more interested in having AD available for live performances rather than pre-recorded videos.
  • The most preferred item to be described in music content was performers' costumes.
  • Respondents emphasised that the narration should not interrupt the lyrics. They preferred AD to appear during natural pauses in the music, allowing them to fully enjoy the music experience without interference.
  • Poor mixing was identified as a significant concern in AD for music content.
  • Participants highlighted the importance of having a separate AD track that can be turned on or off, enabling them to choose whether they want to engage with the descriptions or solely focus on the music.