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Health and Social care professionals

A carer handing a cup of tea to an older person.
A carer handing a cup of tea to an older person.
If you're a professional working in health and social care we have resources to support you as you care for people with sight loss. We can provide advice and information on relevant services, best practice, policy information and research.

In this section

Diary of a vision rehabilitation officer

Being a vision rehabilitation officer is a varied job, you have to think on your feet, make instant decisions and respond to the different needs of very different people.

Complex needs and older people's services

Information and advice on sight loss in people with learning disabilities, dementia and in older people for blind and partially sighted people and individuals who work in social care.

Training for health and social care professionals

Find training and professional development opportunities to develop your skills in supporting older people with sight loss or people with sight loss and complex needs.

Resources on dementia and sight loss

If you work in social care or are supporting someone with dementia you can find information on how to help them look after their eyes.

Learning disabilities

If you work with people with learning disabilities you can find resources and information on how to identify sight loss and support those who have already been diagnosed.

Working with older people

If you work with older people you can find information resources, services and products to help you in your role.

Accessible health and care information

Everyone has the right to receive accessible health and care information. We have developed a range of resources which you and your organisation can use to ensure health and care information is accessible to blind and partially sighted people.

The eye care support pathway

The #EyeCareSupportPathway is a framework, developed by RNIB and partners across the sector, for the NHS, social care organisations, the third sector and the public to use to support the transformation of eye care and eye services.