RNIB Reading Services online library

Through our Reading Services, book lovers can get the best in literature on their favourite formats. We have the UK's largest library of books in accessible formats and offer digital downloads as well as great reading in DAISY CD, USB and braille.

A customer using an iPad and headphones to read a book

You can use the RNIB Reading Services online library and borrow from us, for free, if you sign up and join.
Once signed up, not only will you be able to download RNIB's Talking Books, there are lots of special features to enjoy:

  • Choose from more than 32,000 titles to download from the online library using a smartphone, tablet or computer. 
  • You won't need to renew your books; you can download and keep them until you’re finished.

  • Talking Books are available to download in DAISY format and will work on DAISY players. So, you can enjoy higher audio quality, as well as any useful navigation included in the book.

  • You can read eBraille books. This groundbreaking new format is in response to feedback from book lovers who read braille. You can download braille books and read them on an electronic braille display, such as the Orbit Reader 20.

Sign up to the RNIB Reading Services online library  

Frequently Asked Questions

To find out more about RNIB's Reading Services library visit our popular FAQs section. Here you will find out everything from who is allowed to access this service to how to reset your password.

Dolphin EasyReader

You can access the service using the Dolphin EasyReader once you are signed up. On this page you can find more information.