What the client needed

Cardiff City Council got in touch with us to seek advice on how disruption from the redevelopment of the city’s main bus station could be kept to a minimum for blind and partially sighted people.

The redevelopment work meant that the bus stops within the station would need to be relocated along nearby streets. However, these important changes needed to be communicated effectively to people with sight loss.

What we delivered

The solution to this challenge was not straightforward. We could not assume that people with sight loss would have a detailed knowledge of the street layout in the city centre.

In response, we designed and produced a guide to the bus stops in Cardiff city centre in three different formats – tactile with braille text, black and white large print, and colour large print – in both English and Welsh.

The guide gives all the important information needed on where the bus stops in the city centre have been relocated to. The information includes:

  • a series of maps showing the layout of the city centre starting with an overview and continuing with larger scale close-up maps showing the position of each bus stop
  • a description of the bus stops
  • a list of bus stops and the bus route number they serve
  • a list of the bus routes affected by the closure of the bus station and where to catch the bus now

An audio guide was also produced with a detailed description of the city centre and the positions of the bus stops. This was recorded in both English and Welsh and made available on CD or as an MP3 download.

The results

Cardiff City Council have made these guides available free of charge for anyone requiring them in braille, large print or audio. This will be the first time that this combined information has been available to people with sight loss, particularly the maps of the city centre.

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