What the client needed

Natwest got in touch with us when they took on the challenge of making a bank card that customers with sight loss could distinguish from others in their wallet. By combining the expertise of Natwest’s cards team with our invaluable insight and advice, the stage was set to tackle this problem.

It sounds simple, but creating a card with tactile indicators (such as raised dots and a cut out notch) to identify the card was a technical challenge. NatWest needed to be confident that the card would still work in both ATMs and point of sale machines – while ensuring customers could easily find the card through touch.

What we delivered

To achieve NatWest’s aims, we had to go through a number of stages. First was to ensure the “customer need” was understood, asking service users what they wanted was important. Secondly, we identified the risks and obstacles that lay ahead. Thirdly, we developed concepts that would ensure the first accessible card lived up to its name.

While the accessible cards were intended to support customers with sight loss, the feedback we received from other customers showed that they also found the new cards useful. This is a demonstration of how accessible and inclusive design can benefit all.

The results

The Extra Costs Commission has highlighted the need for businesses and charities to work together to improve everyday accessibility for disabled people. In fact, they highlighted the successful partnership between RNIB Business and NatWest as an example of best practice in the area.

Additionally, this product was shortlisted for the 2015 Ethical Corporation Awards and was highly commended in the 2015 Business Disability Forum's 'Disability Smart' Awards. It was also the first product to achieve formal accreditation through the new RNIB Approved Scheme.

Ross McEwan, CEO of NatWest, summed up why they invested in providing this new product for their customers: "We want to be recognised as a bank that listens to its customers and responds to their issues. It's really important to me that we make banking as simple and easy as possible for all of our customers and our accessible cards are another step towards us earning back the trust of the public.”

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