RNIB Tried and Tested

RNIB can award our “Tried and Tested” certification, following a rigorous assessment process which includes expert assessment and observed user testing with blind and partially sighted people.

The presence of the RNIB Tried and Tested logo on your product, website or app will let blind and partially sighted people know that it is accessible and usable. It demonstrates your company's commitment to inclusivity, and enables customers to make an informed choice.

RNIB Tried and Tested is based on a combination of expert assessment plus observed user testing. We have a wide range of people on our panel, which ensures that the product or website is tested with people who have different levels of technical ability and confidence.

The process for getting an RNIB Tried and Tested certification begins with a technical assessment, to check for any major accessibility or usability issues that could prevent a blind or partially sighted person from using it. Once these issues have been addressed, the next stage of user testing can begin.

Being awarded the RNIB Tried and Tested logo means that your company is committed to ensuring that your product maintains its accessibility and usability. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together to achieve this on 01733 375 370 or through our contact form.

Read more about our test criteria.