Get expert advice

Get expert advice from an RNIB accessibility consultant – from wireframe to re-build, we can help you at every stage to ensure your website is accessible.

Design review

Our consultants will carry out a review of your website designs or wireframes to check for potential accessibility issues. This can then be used as a checklist during your web build, ensuring that accessibility issues have been considered, and thereby saving you valuable time, money and resources.

WCAG AA website audits

We audit against the industry standard WCAG 2.1 Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Our consultants use a range of tools and assistive technology to produce a technical report of your website, indicating issues found against the WCAG checkpoints and recommendations as to how to resolve them. If needed, we can issue a compliance statement once our recommendations have been carried out.

Responsive website audits

We audit responsive mobile sites against WCAG guidelines and RNIB’s internal app guidelines using iOS with VoiceOver. Our consultants use the phones’ in-built access technology to assess your site and will produce a report highlighting any issues found.

Usability assessment

Your site is tested using access technology (for example screen readers and magnification programmes) for common usability issues against recognised principles, plus some additional checkpoints including the use of high contrast schemes. This will highlight potential usability issues and help to further improve your site.

A usability assessment can be a valuable addition to a website audit, and it will also help prepare your site for user testing.

Observed user testing with people with disabilities

Test your website’s accessibility through RNIB’s observed user testing service, which involves blind and partially sighted testers or people with other disabilities, as required.

During user testing, participants are asked to complete a series of tasks built around the core functionality and are observed during the process. We will then provide a report detailing the outcome of the testing, highlighting issues that need to be addressed. If needed, we can issue a compliance statement once our recommendations have been carried out.

You can also get RNIB recognition via our RNIB Tried and Tested certification logo.