Connect Voices Network

Connect Voices is your way to get involved in RNIB's work, helping shape what we do.

At RNIB we have a set of values we work to, the most important is 'Being led by blind and partially sighted people'. One of the ways we live this value is by involving people with sight loss in our work. The aim of the Connect Voices Network is to give our community an important role in our decision making, helping us create a world where there are no barriers for people with sight loss.

Get involved 

Whether it's completing a short survey, taking part in a quick poll or sharing your views in an online discussion, you can choose how involved you want to be. Some of the Connect Voices opportunities include:

  • Co-designing services, projects and events alongside staff
  • Co-delivering courses for people with sight loss such as our confidence building courses
  • Helping us recruit new senior members of staff including roles in our executive leadership team
  • Taking part in quick polls and surveys
  • Joining local committees to improve services and support for people with sight loss in your area
  • Connecting with other organisations, such as TV companies and universities who are interested in working with people with sight loss