Photography Showcase

We want to show that with simple adaptations, blind and partially sighted people can take stunning photographs, challenge perceptions and share their incredible talent. Ninety three per cent of blind and partially sighted people can see something and many of them enjoying taking photos.

Over the coming months, we’ll be sharing your photos on Instagram as part of our showcase – but if you’re not on Instagram, please do share on Twitter and Facebook too. If you’re blind or partially sighted, whether you’re an avid photographer, photography enthusiast, or a total beginner, please share your photo using the hashtag #HowISee:

  1. Take your photos (this can be using your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, or camera).

  2. Upload them to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

  3. Remember to add image descriptions to your photos. For Facebook and Instagram, simply type in your description in the caption or post box after the text which accompanies the image. For Twitter, the feature can be turned on under accessibility in your settings. 

  4. Always use the hashtag #HowISee and spread the word! Let friends and family know about the campaign and look out for our showcase on Instagram.